Day 3!

Yesterday was a solid day & night of recording. Ryan and I spent most of the day recording scratch tracks and talking through arrangement stuff. Then, at around 5 we were joined by Jared Falk (drums) and Jeremy Friesen (bass) to get a few tracks done.

By the end of the night, we had solid bass/drums for:

I Will Trust You
Lost and Found
Patience Love
Psalm 121

Both these guys are awesome. I loved the passion that they brought to these tunes – there’s something amazing about having a couple of great musicians really own your song, dig into it, wrestle with it and do the best they can to make it sound amazing. I love that. Music is truly a universal language!

So, Jeremy will be the bass fella again tonight, and we’re bringing in Sam Heard to play drums for the next 3 tunes. Should be fun! 

Wondering about how “14/12” will go…it’s a very sad tune about the Sandy Hook tragedy back in 2012. A lament tune that wrestles with suffering and a loving God. Some theological tension with that one…but more on that later.


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